Pianoforall Review: Is This Innovative Method Of Learning Piano And Keyboard

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Pianoforall Review: Is This Innovative Method Of Learning Piano And Keyboard

Pianoforall Review: Robin Lobby is a craftsman, but he is likely best known for his work as a cartoonist. Early in his career, he sold his craftsmanship and music, for the most part independent. Pianoforall may be a great option if you’re searching for a web strategy to play your piano.

Pianoforall has over 450,000 individuals. It could be a well-known online piano course. The educator employs a chord-based approach, “play, to begin with, inquire afterward,” which quickly makes you sound proficient. The maker, Robin Hall, claims it’ll teach you how to “play piano by your ear, extemporize and make compositions, at that point at long last perused piano sheet music.” Each lesson is planned to take you from one expertise to another in a brief, coherent way.

Concurring to tributes, 20-30 miniature daily practice can make you sound great for several days. How does Pianoforall work? Is it able to live up to its guarantees? Proceed to peruse to discover on the off chance that Pianoforall is right for you.

What You`ll Need to Get Started With Pianoforall Lessons

Pianoforall is adaptable concerning what you’ll get to utilize in the course. Be that as it may, a piano or console is not debatable. It is better to purchase a 61-key console to hone than not have one. If you’re serious about learning the piano, however, I recommend upgrading from an 88-key advanced console as long as conceivable.

The lion’s share of 61 key keyboards feels lighter than an acoustic piano console. The 88-pound activity keys are utilized to form a computerized piano. This helps in developing proper finger quality. You have got the alternative to download ebooks and ebooks onto your Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

You may require a Windows PC to see the ebooks and tune in to the sound clips. You’ll need the same application for an Android phone. It can be downloaded free from Google Play. You can utilize the default books app on the off chance that you have got a Mac or iPad.

Pianoforall’s site gives nitty gritty enlightening, joins to downloads, and a troubleshooting section in case the setup doesn’t go as arranged.

Who exactly is Robin Hall, the man behind Pianoforall?

Robin Lobby is a craftsman, but he is likely best known for his work as a cartoonist. Early in his career, he sold his craftsmanship and music, mostly freelance. He is also a pianist. 

Robin Lobby supplemented that career by working as a private educator, educating individuals on how to play the piano and form their natural artistic abilities into aptitudes that might be utilized within the genuine world as competencies that might be handled as a professional cartoonist.

Whether learning music by playing it by ear or perusing sheet music is more successful is an ancient one. Still, Lobby is undoubtedly the conclusion that playing by ear is the prevalent strategy. As he progressed in his career, he started to offer books, such as “The Cartoonist’s Exercise Manual.” 

It effectively communicates concepts to its readers by combining craftsmanship, directions content, amusing narrating, and humor. After coming to this point, he had the epiphany that he would apply these concepts to piano instruction. He, to begin with, began applying these methodologies, which driven to incredible victory, and then he formulated them into the Pianoforall program.

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When you enroll in Pianoforall, what do you get?

You’ll get the taking after along with your one-time course buy:

These ebooks cover a variety of styles of music for the piano, including chords, tunes, and exercises. There are nine books in add up to, furthermore, one reward book. In expansion, they provide a satisfactory sum of theory to help you get each lesson. In the taking after paragraphs, I will discuss each book in more prominent profundity.

Over 200 Video Lessons – Videos of Robin Lobby clarifying and illustrating console capacities are included in the ebook itself, helping students hold modern data.

The lesson is played on a lower console, whereas the animated keyboard shows which notes he’s playing. This makes it simple to see which notes you should be playing, how your hands should see, and what it ought to sound like.

Over 500 sound works out and melodies – These are conveniently set to each workout to supply moment input on pronunciation. Those who learn best through hearing will discover it supportive to tune into each exercise before attempting it.

How Does The Pianoforall Course Work?

Pianoforall could be a course outlined to educate you on the basics of playing the piano. You can apply these center abilities to play numerous sorts, counting jazz, pop, shake, blues, and more. The pace of the course and self-directed learning is best for adults and persuaded youngsters.

The program employments bite-sized lessons. All you have to do is commit 20 to 30 minutes of your time each day, and you’ll keep advancing quickly. The course employs a blend of eBooks, recordings, and sound lessons and works out.

There are a add up to of nine eBooks with consistent movement. We’ll examine these books in more detail later in our Pianoforall survey. The reason for these eBooks is to lay out a solid establishment. You can construct this establishment and keep learning once you complete the course.

There are over 500 tunes and works out. These exercises permit you to listen to tunes that outline the concepts you’re perusing almost, and they will assist you in getting a few day-by-day hones.

The 200 recordings appear like hand arrangement on a console, and you’ll play beside the videos. The recordings are a curious include of the course. Robin Corridor recorded these recordings, and you can see an experienced piano player illustrate imperative concepts and play through rhythms, chords, and tunes. 

Pianoforall Review

Pianoforall Educational Program

Each ebook centers on a distinctive viewpoint and makes a difference if you put the lessons you have learned into hone. Subsequently, but for Book Nine, which you’ll utilize at any time, it is best to read them in order.

Book One – Party Time

This book gives a presentation of the program as well as the keyboard. It begins by clarifying the primary guideline: it is vital to lay an establishment with chords and rhythms, sometime recently building improv and melody composition aptitudes and sight-reading capacities past that.

It presents you to begin with the keyboard’s notes and, at that point, moves on to playing fundamental chords. Book One presents music documentation. This includes rests and fundamental beats.

Conventional curriculums spend a little time on beat works out and note-naming, but this segment is exceptionally quick. To understand the afterward exercises, you’ll likely have to return to them more than once.

The book proceeds by appearing you a set of chords, presenting a beat related to popular music. This cadence can be utilized with the chords to form a tune. In Book One, you will learn ten rhythms and eleven principal chords.

It expects that you will simply be reading songbooks and interpreting chord symbols. It’ll show you how to respond to seventh or slice image chords. 

By the conclusion of this book, you should be able to play the rhythms and chords of numerous prevalent tunes and have a friend or two sing the tune. You ought to moreover be able to play the lovely “Astonishing broken chord anthem.”

Book Two: Blues & Rock N Roll

Book Two expands on your information by showing you blues rhythms that you can utilize with the chords already known. It emphasizes the primary principle: Hone left-hand rhythms more than right-hand ones until you play them in your sleep.

Even though this book is shorter than the one, to begin with, it still educates five basic blues rhythms as well as how to play a 12-bar blues in any key.

Book Three: Chord Magic

Book Three is exceptionally overwhelming. It will instruct you on all the chords for each key and their reversals. It also incorporates an all-chords memory trick that makes it easier to use the data dump and numerous practice progressions to help you get to grips with the new material.

The “cycle of Fifths,” also known as the “circle of fifths,” is another concept you’ll experience. This concept encourages you to practice all keys, teaches you the relationship between them, and makes a difference in your understanding of music’s structure.

Book Four: Advanced Chords Made Easy

This book will proceed to instruct you on how chord images are played. It begins with an enchantment equation for fooling around with more progressed chords. The Barry Manilow-inspired “Manilow Mood” will instruct you on new melodic tools before you attempt to make a Manilow-style piece.

Another, you’ll find practice patterns for lessened and clustered chords. The book ends strong with a lesson approximately Beatles styling and a long posting of Beatles tunes that can play utilizing the chords and rhythms you already know.

Book Five: Ballad Style

Book Five employments to approach ballad-style play by making a step–by–step strategy to make your ballad songs. This empowers experimentation utilizing left-hand chord patterns and the more flexible pentatonic scale.

This book instructs how to improvise. It also gives thoughts for the songs, left-hand designs, and chord progressions. At that point, you’ll learn how to apply the ballad and preparation for songs you already know by making “Auld Lang Syne.” From the foot up.

This book contains sheet music for many exquisite ballads you will enjoy playing. These are the course’s primary pieces to stand alone as solo piano pieces since this book is, to begin with, teaching you a song in profundity.

You can also find the song lines to numerous popular Christmas carols, but you will need to hone your abilities by including a cleared-out hand.

Book Six: All That Jazz & Blues

Even though this area is exceptionally content-heavy, you will be able to form an awesome jazz foundation. The course teaches you how to make a soul-filled sound using the blues scale and chords. It, at that point, moves on to jazz. Instead of learning complex jazz rhythms to study, you are encouraged to tune in and copy the sound clips.

Book Six guides you through jazz in 4 distinct keys. It also gives you numerous tips and traps for jazz ad-lib and offers some cool hone choices. Learn all about the quartal agreement, and at that point, get a lesson on seventh chords.

Book Seven: Advanced Blues & Fake Stride

Book Seven expands on Book Two, adding your progressed chord information and fun right-hand chords to the blues rhythms you have learned. Also, you will learn about blues gadgets such as slides, tremolo, and turnarounds.

This book’s moment section teaches you to walk piano players. Both fake and genuine, as it were, the difference is the length of your “stride.”

Your information is utilized with “The song you’ve been waiting” – “The Performer.” This segment closes on a tall note (pun intended).

Book Eight: Taming The Classics

This area depends heavily on sheet music. We’ll start with an audit of melodic documentation and a lesson on key marks, new symbols, and music language. You will moreover find helpful tips for practicing.

Hall teaches you how to sight-read music, “The Pianoforall Way.” This means that you should look out for familiar chords, motifs, and notes. The key marks are indicated in ruddy so that it is easy to spot any sharp or flat notes.

At that point, you can play classical pieces counting huge names such as Beethoven, Bach, or Chopin.

If you aim to play more sheet music pieces after the pianoforte course, then you should spend a part of your time in this area. You can practice your reading, pedaling, and tone skills.

Book Nine: Speed Learning

Lobby created the book’s title, all scales, and Arpeggios. This book is also almost scales and sets of three. Maybe I would have been more excited to do this if my piano educator had called it “speed learning.” These elements can be incorporated into your practice, a great way to improve your playing.

This is the ninth book of the course. However, it includes practice “workout” schedules and memory traps that should always be used right from the beginning. This segment will help you to get key signatures and seventh chords. 

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Bonus Book: The Practice Of Mindfulness

Even though this ebook does not specifically relate to the piano, it offers tips about imagination and center, and mindfulness, which can all be accommodating in learning an instrument.

Pianoforall Pros And Cons

Let’s summarize the masters and cons of the Pianoforall instructing the course.


Sound and visual lessons. Pianoforall is diverse from conventional ebooks and printed educational programs. It offers visual and sound-related learning alternatives, particularly valuable for tenderfoots who are uncomfortable perusing music.

The ebooks incorporate sound and video clips, making it simple to discover the needed content. You’ll be able to bounce right into the diversion. Your advance may be made from the primary session.

Utilize well-known melodies. This will make it simpler for you to play by ear, and you’ll moreover appreciate playing melodies you know.

Music advances musicality. Piano strategies for fledglings frequently disregard teaching you how to play by ear, ad-lib, and compose tunes.

These aptitudes are instructed by Pianoforall, which can deliver you a strong establishment in musicality and guarantee you continuously have something to do.

Permits you to utilize your cleared-out hand way better than conventional piano programs. Like numerous conventional piano players, I was utilized to centering, as it were, on my right hand. I found it troublesome to center on the left-hand parts of my pieces as they became more complicated.

Pianoforall empowers you to hone together with your cleared-out hand more than your right hand, so understudies will have less chance of having a numb cleared-out hand.

The data is simple to comprehend and displayed clearly. Even though ebooks could appear a small less point by point than printed educational modules such as Faber’s Piano Undertakings, they are organized well and outwardly clearly.


The method isn’t the most central. Conventional piano instructors remind their understudies about hand position, pose, wrist, finger, body movements, and wrist development. This can be an issue with online piano lessons in common. Pianoforall, in any case, does not address this issue.

You can supplement the course with lessons (YouTube number) that instruct pose and other strategies. Dodge is perusing music. You ought not to read music. It is simple to leave the course with a needy to get a handle on music perusing.

Numerous terms and images utilized in piano documentation are lost. This educational program is adequate for understudies who wish to memorize how to play essential sheet music and extemporize. In any case, it takes off numerous terms and images that confuse those looking to grow their information.

Hall recommends that you supplement your course with fabric instructing music documentation terms and images if you’re one of these students.

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Pianoforall Customer Reviews


Why Is This Course Best For You?

Pianoforall is outlined for total tenderfoots. Its instructing style is very different from conventional piano programs. Those with fundamental information about classical piano may discover it supportive in learning play by ear or improvise.

Pianoforall’s accentuation of blues, jazz, and shake n’ roll is a caution sign that this course isn’t for individuals who need to play classical music.

Book Eight instructs understudies on how to examine brief classical pieces. In any case, this course will give an establishment that will permit you to grow your classical playing knowledge instead of fair instructing you.

Even though the substance may be distinctive, Pianoforall’s head-first, jump-right-in approach is the same as that used in grown-up piano lessons such as Faber’s Grown-up Piano Undertakings arrangement.

Grown-ups are energetic to learn and won’t settle for straightforward tunes that children play. Pianoforall could be a good choice for grown-ups and high schoolers who need to form genuine music rapidly.

This course’s melodies are too for grown-up learners. These are awesome tunes that many people know and cherish – certainly superior to ” Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.” But let’s not disregard that more seasoned eras may be more excited about the tunes than youthful ones.


Pianoforall Review

Pianoforall guarantees huge, but it may provide for motivated understudies. Pianoforall can assist you in accomplishing your piano objectives as long as you’re clear approximately what the course will instruct you.

Even though this course will not plan you for progressed classical music, it’ll equip you with the abilities essential to play in bands, take demands, sit down at the piano, and fair.

Your abilities will also provide a solid establishment to investigate the music you cherish. It is fundamental to get chords, movements, and keys arranged to appreciate the music.

Lobby compares his course to learning, so you can make any sentences you like. This is an exceptionally able similarity.

Piano for All instructs you from the ground up how to play music by other individuals and your own. This can be a unique approach, which can sometimes feel like putting the horse sometime recently the cart. But it works.