What Is The Secret Of Strong Relationship?

A relationship’s success is based on its longevity. If you attend a couple’s golden anniversary ceremony, you may surmise that their relationship is a successful one since it has endured for fifty years and they are still together. Yes, it is true, a successful relationship can stand the test of time.

However, you can be certain of one thing, relationships will have its ups and downs. And what you do during the “down” is what will spell either success or disaster for your relationship. The truth is, there is no secret to a long-lasting relationship. In certain situations, it is not enough to do what is right. It is doing what works that make the difference.

As all the other self-help publications say, communication is an invaluable tool in making your relationship a long-lasting one. However, there is a bit of a catch when it comes to being open. Yes, you have to be open, but at the same time you have to be tactfully open. That is synonymous to being sensitive to your partner’s feelings. For example, it would be a bit condescending to say “Your loud music irritates me” even though that is how you really feel – irritated.

You might phrase it in a different manner like “Honey, would you mind lowering your music a bit” or “Honey, would it be okay if you use the headset”. These mundane statements give hints that you dislike the loud music but they are delivered in a respectful manner. Respect is another very important component in keeping a relationship intact. If you really respect your partner, you will not criticize his or her beliefs and make fun of it. Yes, when done moderately, jokes may break the monotony but when done consistently, the joke ceases to become a laughing matter.

Now this part is very important. It is inevitable that we at some point will make mistakes. That is just being human. For a lot of people, it is very difficult to own up but one of the ways to show that you are sorry is by accepting that you erred and saying the magic word “sorry”. For some, sorry seems to be the hardest word. But the magic word “sorry” sends out a strong signal that you want to make amends. Now comes the clincher. It is not enough to say sorry. We can verbalize sorry a dozen times but if we keep on doing the same mistakes, the word “sorry” loses its magic. It can only be used so much.

What Makes The Strongest Relationship?

When you want to see what the truth is in relationships that succeed, and the secrets to a long lasting relationship you need to go and talk to a couple that have been together for up to 40 to 50 years. When you talk to many old couples you will get the same answers all the time.

You Need To Be True To Yourself

Many people try and try to change and to be what their partner wants them to be. Being a person who is not happy with who they are creates conflict. One way to make sure that you are not happy is trying to be someone that you are not. Rather then trying to change who you are to be loved by a man, it is better to find a man who loves you just the way you are.

Good Communication

Using honesty and respect when it comes to another person fosters great communication. If you can be honest about your life, your wishes, your dreams and your disappointments, this is a really good basis for a relationship to grow to a good level. Once again hiding your true self, your dreams and desires from your spouse will only lead to a life that is not happy and can be very detrimental.

Non Judgmental

One of the best sort of people to know is a person that is very open and accepting of all sorts of people. If you develop the ability to love all sorts of people you will find that life goes a whole lot better for you in every area. Being true to yourself like this and accepting your spouse with all his faults makes for a good relationship.

How Do I Say I Am Looking For A Long Term Relationship?

Are you tired of being caught in a superficial relationship? Are you looking for a friend who will be real and true? Well, you are not alone. But how can you tell which guy/gal contains the treasures of life that you are looking for to achieve a long lasting relationship? We are caught in an unreal world today, in which so many people are trying to be like someone else, whether that be their favorite movie star, TV sensation, or even the “coolest” kid at school. We can be so busy imitating others, that we forget to be ourselves.

Being yourself is essential to making a long lasting relationship. So take the first step by learning to be comfortable in your own skin and learn to be confident in who you are. Realize that being different from everyone else is just great. And by being different, I do not mean running out and getting a tattoo and a belly-button or nose ring to be different.

That does nothing to make you different on the inside and make you stand out to the outside world. What I am talking about here, is having your own unique opinions, likes, dislikes, and ideas. Many times when you act upon your own good ideas, they will not be even liked because most of the crowd does not choose uniqueness. But in time, you will see that it was important to choose well and be yourself.

Now we are ready to talk about how to find the guy/gal that is worth having around. So how does one get behind the cool shades and expensive clothes. Here is the secret, I’ll tell you how.

1) First of all, you are looking for someone with integrity and honesty. So take a good look at the friends this guy/gal hangs out with. Watching how a person interacts with their friends can tell us, oh so very much about who they really are.

2) The next thing to look for, is respect. Does this guy/gal treat others with respect? If not, then they most likely will not treat you with respect either. Disrespect will only lead you down the road to pain and heart-ache.

3) Do they have a good sense of humor? Many want a good sense of humor, and some have to work hard to get one. If that be you, go read a book on humor and how to be funny. This will be a good start. No one can change your humorous side, but yourself. What you are looking for is straight forward. Can you see the lighter-side of things and can the partner you are seeking out, see the lighter-side of life even when things are tough? A partner that can laugh will help the relationship when things get rough and rocky.

4) All relationships face the waves of life, but the ones that last without losing the joy of life are the ones that have the true treasures of joy, humor and integrity. If you see someone with a relationship like that, ask them what keeps their relationship going strong. And you will understand more of what you are looking for in a partner.

What Are Some Tips That Can Help In Getting Through A Relationship Break Up?

The longer your relationship lasts, the more statistically likely it becomes that you will go through some tricky times. If things aren’t going well in your long term relationship, there are things you can do to avoid your troubles leading to a breakup.

Signs of trouble between you can start a long time before they develop into a serious problem. The trick to a successful and happy relationship, and one that will last, depends upon you spotting these signs early and proactively dealing with them long before the point where trouble starts. The following 5 tips should help to avoid long term relationship breakup happening to you.

1. Don’t take your partner for granted:

The longer you are together, the more likely it will become that you start to take your significant other for granted. People like to feel needed, and appreciated. If you start to believe they will always be there, and will always have dinner ready at a certain time, we may start to not give the things our partner does a second thought. This is a sure fire recipe for disaster. A simple thank you, or a compliment about something they do for you, goes a long way. Why not make dinner, or clean the bathroom as a surprise. Paying attention and being vigilant to prevent you from taking your lover for granted, will pay dividends believe me. It’s not hard to do.

2. Surprise them occasionally:

Occasional little surprises are a fantastic mood enhancer for your mate. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Why not surprise them with a meal at a restaurant, or simply run them a bath, and tell them they have at least an hour of complete quiet to enjoy it. One fun idea is to make some handwritten tokens for them, these can say things like; “one back rub”, or “a hot bedtime drink”, use your imagination, and then tell them they can redeem the coupons whenever they like.

3. Avoid falling into a rut:

A certain relationship killer is to fall into a boring routine. If you always have lasagna on Tuesday no matter what, and eat out at the same place, on the same day, and order the same thing, you are falling into a rut. One of you at some point is going to want to escape, and that is when the trouble starts. Don’t let it happen to you.

4. Don’t neglect the passion:

Your sex life is important, the physical connection between you is part of what made you a couple in the first place. All too often though, this physical side begins to figure less and less in their lives. If this is happening to you, then this path will lead to problems.

I am not talking just about sex, physical contact between you is just as important. A kiss or a hug, or just being in each others arms, it doesn’t have to always lead further. This is just one part of your lives together I know, but neglect it at your peril.

5. Share and laugh together:

The couple that laughs together stays together, OK that’s not quite how that saying goes, but it doesn’t make the statement any less true. If you are a couple that has secret in jokes, things that only the two of you share, that is a sure fire sign of a strong bond.

If you don’t have this level of intimate communication, then you should try and cultivate it. It’s all down to being open with each other. Why not have a conversation where all mundane subjects are banned, tell each other a secret that you haven’t previously shared. Have fun with it.

I strongly believe that paying attention to these things are what most people in a long lasting partnership will tell you are the secrets to their success. They will certainly help you to avoid long term relationship breakup, and lead to a healthy strong bond between you, one that has every chance of lasting the distance.

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