What Do Guys Expect On First Date:

What Do Guys Expect On First Date: Guys Reveal Exactly What They Want To Hear On A First Date

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What Do Guys Expect On First Date: Guys Reveal Exactly What They Want To Hear On A First Date

What Do Guys Expect On First Date: The rules of the first date are often cluttered with confusion and controversy. The fear and


excitement of dating someone new is unmatched. The perfect outfit, the right amount of makeup, how to act and what to say are all worries that give you headaches.

what do guys hate on a first date

It’s hard to be yourself when you focus only on these other factors and try too hard to impress others. I asked a group of eight men between the ages of 20 and 30 what they wanted to hear on a first date. Their answers may surprise you.

What do men notice in women? This is a question that is always on the mind of women, and they want to show their best when meeting a man. You can have your best makeup and perfect heels, but there are things that guys will instantly notice you that you may not be aware of.

A man’s attention span can be short-lived, but on a first date with a woman, he will memorize every part of a woman (sexual or non-sexual). sex). There are things guys notice within the first 6 seconds of meeting you that you need to know.

Contrary to what we might think, these men may not always be staring at our breasts and writing love poems about our eyes in their heads. There are simple things that attract a man to a woman, and we will tell you all the little things that guys notice.

Men reveal things they notice in a woman they meet for the first time. It could be the first date after online dating or a first date like it, but in those first 6 seconds, rest assured, there are things about you that will quickly make their mark.

Even if you’re dating a shy guy, there are bound to be things he notices about you. What are the things that men notice in women? We have listed important tips here.

Who are you as a person and what truly inspires you.

What was your cool idea and were you spontaneous enough to do it at the time if given the chance? Are you adventurous enough to do something crazy on the first date? What is your idea of ​​the perfect first date and how do you want it done? I definitely don’t want to hear about your family problems or your crazy ex on the first date.

Your likes, dislikes, and hobbies

Guys want to know more about the girl, her likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc. We usually focus on the girl with the goal of getting a second date more often.

If the feelings are mutual

I really wanted to hear or feel that the girl was interested in me too, if not more. Guys all have egos and if the first meeting/dating doesn’t work for both parties then it just hurts our egos. I will slowly but surely want to feel that she trusts me.

Trust is important because it at least opens up the opportunity for me to share things that might be more personal on my next date. It’s a personal matter, but I feel like I want a girl who is controlling and thinks maturely. It can be professional or personal, everything I hear from the girl must be authentic and not fabricated. Basically, I don’t want a girl who can talk but can’t walk.

What you think of them

I want the girl to come out and say she thinks I’m funny or cute if she feels that way. I wanted her to talk about something we both loved after she said, “Hey, would you like to watch/do this together?” Honestly, I just need someone to admit that she’s having a good time with me.

If you’re open to them

Personally, I want someone who is open to the possibilities and has no preconceptions about me, the relationship she’s waiting for, or even about her. She should realize that while it’s important to know what they want, sometimes people end up with people who don’t fit the clear picture of who they think they’ll land with.

If you’re independent

Personally, I want a girl who is confident and independent enough to offer to split a check (of course, I would say no, but it’s good to know that at least she offered). Basically, we’re sure she’s not just there for the free stuff.

Your experiences

The only thing I really want to hear on a first date has nothing to do with my looks, what I do, or where I come from, not the usual stuff. I would love to hear about his experience. The messy ones are embarrassing but exhilarating.

The people who made her who she is. These are the things that will fascinate me and want to see her again and again. I don’t want them to have the same boring clichés. I want someone to vent, even for a moment, and pretend (maybe even feel) like you know me.

Something that indicates you’re genuine

Honestly, I don’t care what she says as long as she’s honest. I don’t want her to pretend to be someone she isn’t just to make me like her. If she could passionately talk about things that I don’t care about, I would spend hours listening to her.

On the other hand, even if she talked about things that totally interest me but have no passion at all, I would lose interest. I need someone sincere enough to be reliable on a first date that I might even consider calling her back on another date.

Your dental hygiene

“I noticed teeth. I don’t care if it’s misplaced, but they should be clean. I don’t want to know what she ate last night,” one guy told us honestly. Stained teeth, nicotine stains, or mouth odors will be repelled immediately.

What are you wearing?

The way you dress matters a lot, in fact, it’s your style that matters. You can wear a simple shirt and jeans or wear a long coat in the winter, but your comfort really matters. You may like it simple or really like to dress well, but your man pays attention to how you wear it.

Are you out to impress?

If you’re trying too hard to impress, you could be wrong. Ignoring the man you’re attracted to is a game that men enjoy and notice. They notice if you’re polite but reluctant, and don’t like it when you’re too impatient.

Your conversation skills

“I dated a woman, and we had a great time together. But in between conversations, she gets very uncomfortable with the silence and I can feel it. I’m the talkative type, but I purposely stopped talking to see if she could continue the conversation.

She can’t or won’t. Maybe she was worried. But what I notice in a woman is how she can follow the conversation. “I also pay attention to whether we are connected well enough to communicate through silence because not many people can be comfortable with silence,” said Ewan Rett,

What does she want to know?

In seconds, a man knows what really interests you. Whether you want to know more about the books he reads or the cars he owns, he will know from your questions. Exactly what are you looking for. This is what a man notices in a woman when they first meet.

Your intelligence level

how to make a guy fall for you on the first date

“I noticed how long it would take for her to see through my bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I just wanted to check how gullible she is and if she really fell into some nonsense, I’ll tell her or she calls me to interrupt my nonsense. I love my wife, who is smart and a bit skeptical,” Ewan said.

Smart women will enter into a conversation cautiously and not take things for granted.

Your hair

Be it long, short, tight, or loose, rest assured that men will notice a woman’s hair within 6 seconds of meeting her.

Your manners

We all know bad manners are red flags that tell us a lot about a person. Your manners are the first thing a man notices about you.

“I noticed the way she talked to the waitress. If she smiles when the waiter orders and brings the food; you know, manners. I love the way she treats the people who work for her,” says Rhett, an advertising specialist.

Your body language

You might think of the body part that men notice first, but your body language is what they notice the most. So avoid making these body language mistakes. Let us tell you that too much color and drying is often frustrating for some men.

They also look for signs of attraction in body language. But never think that your fluttering eyelids will pop them. This is really what men notice in women.

Are you a high-maintenance girl?

You might think that the Gucci bag and Prada sunglasses really make you look classy on a date, but a guy can take notice to understand how demanding a girlfriend you would be. Signs can scare a man more than attract him to you. Be aware of this.

Are you attentive?

Or do you just talk about yourself? Some people tend to keep talking about themselves, and that’s when they can be seen by a man as a selfish girlfriend. But if you’re a good listener and pay attention to what others have to say, that’s what men notice in women. You can be sure of that.

Your smile

do guys expect a kiss on the first date

He’ll always notice if you’re smiling fake or genuine. Spontaneity is what men notice in women, and if you try to play a role, you’re bound to get caught.

Are you in his league?

By the way, you speak, the way you walk, and the way you present your scores, he will try to gauge whether you are in his class or not. If you’re a girl who’s not in his class, he’ll probably think twice about dating you.

Remember that being in the same union is important for men, but there are some guys who don’t mind flirting with a girl who isn’t in their union.

Your hands

Yes, he notices your hand. For starters, no matter how much makeup you wear, your hands reveal your real age. He also tests your painted nails to see how much work you usually do in the kitchen. Well, to put it bluntly, he looks at your hands to see if you’re the smartest or if you’re used to housework.

Your derriere

What part of the body do men notice first? You may be thinking the obvious, but you’d be surprised to know that aside from your forehead, he’s more interested in your back.

He pays more attention to your fit than anything else. Now you know what men notice in women. There are little things that people immediately notice about you. Men are attracted to women when they like what they see.

Final Thoughts

After looking at the answers, it seems that men are not as complicated as women think. Good men also want what good women want: sincerity, dependability, and trust.

If you connect with someone, follow it up with a second date, who knows where it may take you.


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