Unlock The Scrambler Review: Does Really Work?

Unlock The Scrambler Review: Learn To Unlock The Scrambler Method

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Unlock The Scrambler Review: Learn To Unlock The Scrambler Method 

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Unlock The Scrambler Review: Unlock The Scrambler is a very popular training program that was launched to the public in 2014. The program was created by 2 dating and relationship coaches, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. Among other things, it revealed a scientifically proven mind game called “The Scrambler” that can be used to break out of the friend zone, turn a “cold” girl into a lover and /or passionate girlfriend, and get almost every woman you want to pursue you, trying to seduce you.

This in-depth Unlocked Scrambler review will give you everything you need to know about the product, and include the pros, cons, and individual ratings for our product criteria in the product summary. product at the end. (If you want to know more about Bobby and Rob, their life story, and how they made Unlock the Scrambler, please read our Bobby Rio bio or Rob Judge bio.) Not only will you learn the exact 5-step sequence of the “The Scrambler” technique (and recommended stages), but you will also discover “12 Charming Weapons”, “L.U.S.T. System”, and more.

All 12 weapons are designed for use in different stages of “The Scrambler”, while the L.U.S.T. The system gives you precise instructions on how to behave around the women you like. I’ll be providing a basic overview of all parts of this product, including the 5 Stages and 5 Stages of “The Scrambler”, as you progress through this Unlocking Scrambler review, so keep reading.

The program contains a variety of PDF, video, and MP3 audio files that are provided in their entirety upon entering the member’s area. There is also a separate forum in the member’s area where you can post any questions you may have about advice covered throughout the program or a particular situation you may encounter. right or only female attractiveness in general.

Bobby and Rob did their best to answer as many questions as possible, but honestly, due to the massive success of the product, they could barely answer each question. However, from what I’ve seen on forum questions, most answers can be found by browsing through specific sections of the program. As mentioned, the main feature of the product is a scientifically proven brain game called “The Scrambler” and at the end of the manual for “The Scrambler,” you will find many links to various articles explaining in detail the science behind it.

Because “The Scrambler” is based on psychology, it allows you to bypass the logical thought process of women, which means your age, income, and looks make absolutely no difference when it comes to sex. It’s about your ability to succeed. When you buy Unlock The Scrambler and learn how to play this mind game with the woman you love, you will engage the emotional part of her brain.

This keeps her thinking about you and is addicted to being with you and having sex with you. From there, how you want to be in a relationship with her is entirely up to you. Girlfriend, you benefit or you benefit, you will have the upper hand and the choice will be yours. Wondering if Unlock The Scrambler is the right choice for you? Keep reading this Unlock Scrambler review and at the end, I’ll help you decide if this program is right for your current situation.

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What Is Unlock The Scrambler?

There is statistical proof that the friend zone exists and it sucks. It’s the “F” word no man wants to hear, but it happens to you all the time. And no matter what you try to do differently, you’ll always end up being the “nice guy” in the friend zone. But that is about to change.

Unlock The Scrambler is an online program designed for men who are tired of being classified as a “nice guy” and being put in the friend zone or worse, completely ignored. whole. Originally a private, live workshop for men to attend, this program teaches you a scientifically proven mind game that can be used to achieve whatever you want in life. on a date or in a relationship.

It teaches you the secrets to freeing yourself from the friend zone, turning a cold girl into a passionate lover, and attracting almost any woman you want to pursue and try to seduce. FRIEND. And it’s all done using psychological tools and techniques that trigger specific responses in women to achieve desired results. Here is an overview of the steps:

  1. Introduce.
  2. Attitude.
  3. The Rules Of Scrambler.
  4. Step 1: Recognize.
  5. Step 2: Rebalancing.
  6. Step 3: Expertise.
  7. Step 4: Dissonance.
  8. Step 5: Intimacy.

As you can see, the program is divided into five different phases. However, the steps before the stages form the basis of the program, and it is important that you follow the program step-by-step. In addition, you also get a number of bonus programs for free, including:

  • Free Bonus #1: Boyfriend Terminator Sequence.
  • Free Bonus #2: The Dirty Dozen.
  • Free Bonus #3: She Sends You a Signal.
  • Free Bonus #4: Magnetic Effect (SMS Report).
  • Free Bonus #5: Her Erogenous Zone.
  • Free Bonus #6: Sexual Framing: Overcome Hidden Rejection.

You get instant access to Unlock Scrambler and all these free bonus programs with every purchase. You can access documents online or download them directly to your personal technology device for private access wherever you are. Downloads are available in video, audio, and PDF formats. There is even an option to download the program in Spanish.

As a “nice guy”, you may think that you are not yet qualified to use this program. However, this system teaches you to let go of that kind of thinking and attitude and exchange it for an effective one. Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free. 

Who Created Unlock The Scrambler?

Dating and relationship experts Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are the authors of Unlock The Scrambler. Bobby Rio is a dating coach for over 10 years and has worked with hundreds of thousands of men. He teamed up with Rob Judge to teach men how to use a scientifically proven mind game to date. More than 50,000 students attended their classes, excluding online students and their individual customers.

Outside of this show, Bobby and Rob have produced a ton of great shows and content. Bobby is the owner of a successful men’s lifestyle website and has created many successful dating and relationship programs. Rob is the author of eight books and has contributed to various journals.

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What Makes Unlock The Scrambler A Unique Program?

There are tips and tricks that magazines and websites give you to get a girl interested in you. But in reality, all these magazines and websites scare the girl even more. Come to think of it, does advice from these sources ever work the way you intended? I think your answer is most likely no. This is because these techniques are vague and not based on scientific principles.

Unlock The Scrambler has techniques that really work, and it doesn’t contain typical advice like “tell him how you feel” or “let’s talk to him more”. Unlocking the Scrambler program is like a magic trick, that’s why it really works. Additionally, the show’s creators Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are both relationship and dating coaches who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their fields.

After putting a lot of effort into their research, they have compiled which techniques work best and the order in which they work. The price of the program is set very low, which is rare for other programs of this type. 

How Does Unlock The Scrambler System Work?

As mentioned before, the show is based on ‘The Scrambler’ technique. According to this step-by-step technique, the more difficult or distant a man is to approach, the more women find them attractive and want to pursue them. If the girl knows that she has a guy and that he will never leave, she will start to lose interest in him. When this happens, the girl will probably choose him as a friend or move on.

After each unlocking step, The Scrambler Reviews will help you become the “hard to get” guy chosen by women instead of “beautiful”. The program Unlock The Scrambler will help you understand how you can stop behaving too well and even being clingy, which is an inappropriate thing for women. In this way, the program Unlock The Scrambler works by striking into the minds of women and what they find attractive.

Most of the men who tried Unlock The Scrambler said they found the program for the women of their dreams within a week. It always had such a powerful effect that women could not resist the temptation. While it’s impossible to reveal what this technique does for most men, some of its key aspects have already been covered. 

What Are The Main Areas That Unlock The Scrambler Technique Focuses On?

Unlocking Techniques The Scrambler Reviews mainly focuses on four areas as follows:

  • Create A Sense Of Uncertainty: This technique teaches you to keep secrets by not giving out too many details about yourself. Unlocking The Scrambler will make the girl want to know you better and interact with you more. She won’t get bored because she knows everything about you.
  • Show Strength: This technique will make you realize how you can be in control of situations. Men and women should take control of situations in a relationship instead of controlling them from one side. Women respect men in equal control.
  • Don’t Look For Authentication: Seeking too much validation from women will make them think you are clingy or needy. Try to strike a balance when asking for confirmation. Unlocking The Scrambler Reviews helps you stand out from the crowd as most men make this mistake, this technique teaches a unique mentality to help women seek recognition instead of you.
  • Build The Anticipation: Constructive prediction can be achieved by following the previous steps discussed. Unlocking The Scrambler Reviews helps a woman feel an uncontrollable attraction and affection for you, so she will be forced to think more about you and focus only on you.
  • Get Women To Chase You: It helps you become the type of man that women want to pursue. It’s not easy to read women’s minds, so this program teaches you the jamming technique that makes you so attractive that all the other women want to pursue you.

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What You Get Unlock The Scrambler

By becoming a member and downloading the program, you can access it from anywhere. Download in audio, PDF, and video formats. You can also get the same thing in Spanish. You need to make the girl feel uncertain when talking to her.

You shouldn’t think about what kind of relationship you have with her right now, just try to get her interested in you. It will put you in control of your relationship and make her need you forever. You just need to change the way he thinks about you. It’s that simple!


  • You will gain a comprehensive insight into the understanding needed to be the man every woman wants to be.
  • You will get rid of the “beautiful” tag.
  • You will no longer be in the friend zone.
  • The program comes with easy-to-understand PDF, audio, and video files.
  • You can access it from anywhere. 
  • There is also a money-back guarantee to keep your investment safe.


  • You can take the time to master the techniques.
  • The tactics suggested here may not work if you are impatient.

Quick Overview Of Unlock The Scrambler

Unlock The Scrambler is a powerful program that can turn any man into “that guy”. It’s a complete system that teaches you psychological techniques combined with a scientifically proven mind game that makes her chase you. The process is broken down into a step-by-step system. Each part of the program must be executed in order.

For example, an intro video is the first step and you need to watch it. Attitude video is the second step and again it is important that you watch it to understand the next steps etc. Throughout the program, you get a lot of information, techniques, worksheets, printable tutorials, videos, and more.

Here is a more detailed overview: 

Step One: Intro Video

You start the program by watching an introductory video, which explains the five distinct phases of the program. It gives you an overview of what to expect and the many ways this program can help you:

  • Reverse a friend’s opinion of you.
  • Regain a woman who lost interest.

Step Two: Attitude Videos

In this video, the second phase of the program, you learn specific attitudes and behaviors that will help you get rid of The Scrambler more easily. You will learn:

  • Two main mindsets at work.
  • Ways to Consciously Eliminate Your “Nice Guy” Behavior.
  • The kind of attitude that women are naturally attracted to.

This part of the show also covers jamming rules that help you get out of the friend zone, get back in with your ex, or go back to the bedroom with your hot coworker.

Step Three: Stage 1: Recognize

This is the first stage of putting Scrambler into action. This is where you will learn to accept the way women currently see you and start using it to your advantage. It consists of three actions:

  • Determine their current perception of you.
  • Use model break to unlink.
  • Introducing confusion and uncertainty.

Step Four: Stage 2: Text String Rebalancing and Re-interaction

This phase of the program is all about establishing your new “rating”. It teaches you to slowly put the woman you want to see a little “higher than her”, which in turn causes her to start doing and saying things to you, pursuing you. It consists of three actions:

  • Determination of dynamics and the rule of silence.
  • Start breaking the little rules.
  • The increased emotional intensity of rule-breaking.

Step Five: Stage 3: Expertise

Here, you’ll learn specific strings you can pull to show the woman you want to confirm how she feels around you and get her hooked on that feeling. It covers three specific areas where she needs to feel valued.

Step Six: Stage 4: Discord

This stage consists of making it completely consumed with you using various psychological tools and techniques. The three actions required to achieve this are:

  • Harnessing psychological desires and attaching them to you.
  • Wrap her up in different emotions.
  • Create tension by sending mixed signals.

Step Seven: Stage 5: Intimacy

Without a doubt, one of the best steps in the program is learning how to take your relationship to a physical level. You are given step-by-step instructions on how to move and initiate sex.

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What Does The Unlock The Scrambler Review Consist Of?

Unlock the Scrambler Program that includes video, spreadsheets, additional e-books, and audio. In total, the program has 9 elements. The main Unlock The Scrambler program includes:

  • Unlock the Scrambler Conference Record: These recordings can teach you most of the things that you would never have discovered without this program.
  • Scrambler Handbook: These tutorials are great ways to practice the methods taught in this program, which you can even review.
  • LUST: Flirting Formula eBook: You can download this e-book and keep track of which recipe you find easiest to use. 

You also get the following Rewards: 

  • Reward #1: Secret messaging technique.
  • Reward #2: Climbing video not seen.
  • Reward #3: Dozens of Dirty: 12 ways to start a conversation to make her fall in love.
  • Reward #4: Decode its signal report.
  • Reward #5: Report on secret erogenous regions.
  • Reward #6: Boyfriend Terminator Sequence.

Along with this, a person purchasing the Unlock The Scrambler program will also enjoy lifetime access to the member’s forum where you can get answers to any additional questions you may have about the program. 

What Are The Benefits Of Following Unlock The Scrambler Book?

  • Unlock The Scrambler helps you satisfy women’s choices.
  • Unlocking Scrambler allows you to become a magnet for women.
  • Unlock The Scrambler keeps women thinking about you.
  • Unlock The Scrambler inspires women to commit to you forever.
  • Unlocking The Scrambler makes you every woman’s main guy.
  • Unlocking The Scrambler makes him want to sleep with you.
  • Unlocking The Scrambler makes her think about the things she should tell you.
  • Unlocking The Scrambler puts you in complete control of your relationship.
  • Unlocking Scrambler puts you in a higher position.
  • Unlocking Scrambler helps you understand its signals and moods. Unlocking Scrambler helps you understand how to touch her, talk to her, and behave with her.
  • Unlocking The Scrambler helps you get out of the friend zone. 

What Is The Price Of The Unlock The Scrambler Program And Where Can It Be Purchased?

People often pay a heavy price for a nasty show like this. But the creators of the program want everyone to be able to access the Unlock Scrambler reviews, they want the common people, not just the rich and famous, to have access to these helpful strategies. Therefore for a limited time; Unlocking Jammer is only $79.00 now! If the prices of all items, including bonuses, are calculated, the total is $760.

Isn’t that an amazing discount? The Scrambler Unlock Program also offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. This means you can get a full refund within the first 60 days of purchase if you don’t find the program helpful at all. The Scrambler Unlock Program is only available in electronic format and upon purchase, you will have immediate access to the program.

The program is accessible on all devices. Unlock Scrambler Reviews can only be purchased from the official website and if the program is sold through any other website or app it is completely a scam make sure you don’t fall for it those scams. 

Unlock The Scrambler Review: Money Back

This product is backed by a 30-60 day money-back guarantee. If within the first 30-60 days of receipt, you are not satisfied with the product, you may request a refund by sending an email to the ClickBank email address listed in the product and ClickBank® will Get a full refund of your purchase price instantly, no questions asked. request.

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Final Thoughts About Unlock The Scrambler

With some other men, if the girl you like at first shows a liking for you and then leaves you just because she lost interest, Unlock The Scrambler will turn the tables. Follow these effective step-by-step strategies that will make you the mysterious man that women find attractive.

You can be that man by following these simple strategies. The girl you want will be yours. All you have to do is purchase the Unlock Scrambler program and immediately apply the life-changing techniques. The sale will only last for a limited time, so hurry up and buy the show now.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Unlock The Scrambler

Is the program available in a physical version?

No, the program is digital, which is especially advantageous for this type of program due to its nature. It also allows you to use the program on your own technology devices wherever you are – and whenever you need to improve your skills.

How do I know if I am performing the techniques correctly?

Each step of the program is accompanied by detailed instructions in videos, PDF books, and worksheets. They break down the techniques step by step, with different scenarios, scenarios, and examples.

Are there any pre-made templates that I can use right away?

Yes, you have access to a bonus where you can use the Kickstart and start eliminating techniques now.

What if I have a question or problem with the program?

The program comes with an exclusive support section that covers many questions related to the program. You also have access to a members-only forum where you can talk to other users of the program and share advice and support. You can also message us below and we’ll do our best to help.




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