The Language Of Desire Review: Real or Scam?

The Language Of Desire Review: How To Talk Dirty To A Guy The Language Of Desire

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The Language Of Desire Review: How To Talk Dirty To A Guy The Language Of Desire

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The Language Of Desire Review: Language of Desire is an online digital guide aimed at educating women about men’s deepest intimate desires. You can always agree that the other side is still misunderstood. Too often, we look for ways to better understand our partners who are lost in relationships and unsure of what to do next. As author Felicity Keith puts it, men become masculine again.

women become more feminine. The Language of Desire has been published in multiple media before, but it’s not a second-rate e-book that women have to enjoy. This book will enlighten you about the inner workings of men and give you a newfound confidence that will keep your relationship moods pumping and bright. In this in-depth report, we’ll explain what the language of desire is and why it’s loved and adored by thousands of women these days.

In fact, it’s a newcomer to the digital reading phase. It is believed to be useful not only for improving their intimate life but also for saving relationships. Plus, we’ll explain the story behind the content and reflect on the wisdom given so you know exactly what you’re getting if you buy Felicity Keith’s The Language of Desire from her.

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What Is The Language Of Desire?

Language of Desire focuses on male psychological functions and physiological responses to specific spoken language. In short, it’s a book focused on communication theory that addresses male libido. There is currently no official statement on page count in Language of Desire, but we can estimate it to be around 200 pages.

The content of The Language of Desire focuses more on the aspect of communication than on physical action, further solidifying that the book is about language and not about desire. If you are looking for an erotic book that makes you horny, this is it! This deals with reality, not male or female fantasies.

For the sake of simplicity, Language of Desire is more or less a psychology book and is often thought of as dealing with fiction rather than science. The book was published around 2013 by author Felicity Keith. She is married to Kevin Keith, for whom she was compelled to write this book, Language of Desire, published by her Digital Romance, Inc.

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Known for hosting relationship expert Michael Fiore, the company is recognized as people on a mission to rekindle and strengthen relationships on a daily basis. Language of Desire can only be purchased through their online channels, as it is not available in paperback form.

Also, it’s only available on the official Language of Desire website, linked here. This website is the sole legal source of this product and purchasing this book from other sources is considered to be wrong and illegal under copyright law. For more details on the product, you can browse through the review we are about to start for this product.

Who Is The Author Behind The Language Of Desire?

The Language Of Desire Review Felicity-Keith

With a deep understanding of what the language of desire is, we can now turn to the author. The author of The Language of Desire is Felicity Keith. She is the wife of Kevin Keith, with whom she had issues before. As someone with a more detailed background, Felicity Keith is a popular writer on romance and relationship issues. His most famous book is Language of Desire.

She is also the author of other books like The Flirting Girl’s Guide to Astrological Attraction. She is fully known in the community and has attracted like-minded women who are struggling with their love lives. She also motivates people through her social media account, posting words of encouragement for women around the world. For that matter, Keith is a reputable author with his right.

You could say it’s her niche, and as such, she’s highly qualified to say what she needs to say to save relationships and make the world a better place. Now that we know who the author of Language of Desire is, let’s discuss why it was written. In a nutshell, Kevin, Felicity’s husband, has become less invested in their relationship over time. As the days passed, Kevin became increasingly estranged from his wife.

However, that is not exactly the motivation for this book to be written. It was an ordinary night, and they had just finished making love. However, a few minutes later, she discovers Kevin is doing evil things on his own. She could only close her eyes and pretend to sleep. Felicity felt insecure and wanted to know more about her husband.

Alas, after days, weeks, and months of research and learning from many different people, she came up with a perfect plan based on science and psychology. So she was able to write the Language of Aspiration guide, which she is proud of. Of course, she tried it with her husband first. When it worked like a charm, she shared it with her best friend, and the news spread like wildfire.

She was then forced to write a book on her findings on the subject. Kevin and Felicity continue to have a good relationship and grow stronger as the days go by. It’s a testament to their lives, and Felicity wants others to do the same with their partners so that the level of understanding between partners gets bigger and bigger until it doesn’t improve anymore. All for the sake of helping.

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What Can You Learn From The Language Of Desire?

In summary, here are some things you will learn with the help of The Language Of Desire

  • Pavlov’s erection technique will help you stimulate a man like there is no tomorrow.
  • Cuddling hormone – this technique will help you activate the love hormone in men.
  • Erotic telepathy technique – this technique will help you reduce a man’s defenses and help you learn more about his deepest desires.
  • Sexual singularity – this technique basically uses words to make a man feel special.
  • The Tease Intensifier – this technique will help you sexually stimulate a man.
  • Lust mirror – this technique will basically start a loop where your man gets aroused, then you get aroused, then the man gets even more aroused, and what? This continues until the climax.
  • Invisible chastity belt – this technique helps you to increase your erotic or sexual intensity.
  • Porn action movies – this technique will help you improve your sexting and phone sex skills.
  • Romantic Rotator – this technique will help activate the romantic impulse in any man.
  • The Friend To Fantasy Method – this technique will help you make a guy realize that you want him to seduce you.

These are just a few of the many tips The Language Of Desire has to offer. These techniques are legit and will help you enhance intimacy between a woman and a man.

Here are a few reasons why The Language Of Desire is one of the best:

  • This book is fact-based and provides women with simple techniques and helps them understand the true power of words. Any woman can use this book.
  • This book is based on research. Felicity did some research and also consulted sex experts to share their advice. 
  • The techniques provided in this book are extremely effective.
  • The best part is that this book is accessible on different platforms. 

Who Is The Target Audience The Language Of Desire?

Language of Desire’s target audience is women looking to strengthen or save their relationships with male or male colleagues. Women have struggled to understand men for a while, which gives them power in this struggle. This is a very pleasant book when you are engrossed in translation with your man. It is also for those who study psychology and communication.

Believe it or not, Language of Desire is more of a psychology book, and it focuses more on the educational side of things. It is a written guide that allows people to understand the inner workings of people and their actions. That said, the book The Language of Desire is not exclusively for men.

However, the great thing we can take from this is that men will once know what it feels like to be a woman. This book can help open the eyes of men who have been insensitive to their partners. Not just for women, this book is also for men, from a particular point of view.

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How Can Language Of Desire Help You And Relationships?

The language of desire is a guide that can help relationships stay intimate and general. These relationships include strong relationships and weak relationships. According to the official website, Language of Desire has helped many partners who have lost their way or are in love. For relationships to thrive, this book is recommended for all women to read.

The language of desire is not just any book. This is a unique book that harnesses the power of psychology and communication to make things right. He uses science for his target audience, combined with emotions that attract the inner and physical workings of our relationships. It is a comprehensive book for its target audience. It usually takes about half a day to read this book without interruption.

For the average reader, it may take longer. However, this book is definitely worth reading. It’s not boring at all and it’s fun to read. We also learn to read things that we haven’t learned yet. It’s a book that tells women about the psychological function of men to keep them in their rightful place. Read this book, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t notice the time.

The language of desire is easy to read and accessible to adult women, and at the same time, it is driving a new revolution in digital books that are useful in every respect. The language of desire has many benefits, not only for you but also for your relationships and your everyday outlook on life. First of all, it benefits you. This mainly refers to women and gender falls within the feminine range of things.

It’s frustrating how little we know about our partners, and this book gives you an understanding you never had before. It gives you the strength and confidence to get whatever you want. It is also an important matter on your part. Self-important is a feeling that only a few people feel today, and respect is always gained in the process. This is one of the most important advantages here, besides the one mentioned above.

I know it’s obvious, but it’s very beneficial for your past, present, and future relationships. This is great for past relationships, as you can see each other again just by following the items in this guide. Who knows, maybe you just need to know these things to save your relationship. In the meantime, it could be good for your current relationship if things don’t go as planned.

It sucks when things go bad right after you feel like everything is going well. Thus, this book can help you find yourself amidst the chaos and bring your partner closer to you by tapping into their deepest desires. Plus, the language of lust is beneficial for future relationships, because the wisdom you have right now can almost guarantee that you won’t lose that lucky man in the future. my life.

The person of your dreams won’t cheat or leave you quickly if you stick to the plan outlined in this book. As a final benefit, this book can greatly enhance your self-esteem in many ways. Having a better relationship with your partner can bring infinite joy that can last a long time. Your friends will ask you how you satisfy yourself after all these years together.

You will be filled with hope and positivity that you thought you would never have again because you have a loyal and loving partner by your side. Overall, The Language of Lust is a book worth owning, and for all its benefits, it is a unique reading experience for anyone looking to have a stable relationship in life. living. 

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The Language Of Desire Breakdown Of The Product

As the cover says, The Language of Desire will let you use “swear words to make it your own”. Whether you’re currently in a relationship and want to strengthen it or a single woman looking to get back into the game, this book provides valuable information you can put to use.

All the advice in this book is about harnessing the power of words so your man can be sexually attracted to you again. The book is divided into 30 different tips that allow you to use the words to your advantage. Here are some of the things this book will cover.

Overcome Shyness

Not all women are comfortable with vulgar language. This book will teach you how to get over that awkwardness and start using your own words to make him crazy about you.

Dirty Talk

This book will teach women good things about lying. It goes beyond junk to ignite the imaginations of ladies and gentlemen!

Use Your Voice

Your resolutely feminine voice is already an asset. This book will teach you how to use your female voice to make men fall in love with you. Dirty talk on text Even using written or even digital forms of messaging like email, chat, or text messaging, you can still make them coveted.

Make Men Feel Good

One of the best ways to get men attracted to you is to make them feel special. This book will teach you how to use language to make you feel good and actually want to do it for you.

know What They Want

Many men are unwilling or uncomfortable telling you about their secret desires. The Language of Desire will help you unlock techniques to get them to talk about their deepest fantasies. 

Take Advantage Of Hormones

The release of certain types of hormones triggers emotional and romantic attachment. This book will guide you through the verbal and nonverbal cues that will trigger the release of these “love hormones”!

Make Them Leave The Distractions

There are many distractions that can affect intimacy, such as feminization and pornography. With the advice in this book, you can get them to ignore all that and focus on you instead, as they should! These are just a few examples of desired languages ​​that we can provide you with. This book also has many scientifically proven tips and tricks that you can use to make him crazy about you.

What Will You Get With The Language Of Desire?

The Language of Desire is an e-book offered as a 10-module program. Each module contains a submodule and various lessons and techniques, as well as a worksheet for deeper learning. At the heart of the e-book guide are 33 techniques women can use to spark romance in a relationship.

In fact, you’ll have a step-by-step action plan to transform your relationship. At the end of each module, the accompanying worksheet encourages you to review and apply what you have learned Even better, the extras you get will only add to the benefits you can get from the book! 

The Language Of Desire Review Program-Breakdown

Here’s what you can get if you buy a legal copy of The Language of Desire from their official website. 

The Language Of Desire

This book will equip you with all the tools to drive men crazy with words. It has the power to change the lives of women everywhere!

Silent Seduction

If the Language of Lust teaches you how to use words, Silent Seduction teaches you how to drive him crazy with nonverbal techniques. You will learn how to harness the power of body language with this book.

Unstoppable Confidence

This 90-minute training module is designed to help women develop the confidence that men will love. Be confident in front of men and use your femininity to get everything you want!

The Good Girl’s Dirty Texting Guide

Here’s Felicity Keith’s personal dirty text collection that you can use for different occasions…and can drive any man crazy!

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What Do I Think About The Language Of Desire Program?

The language of lust is really honest about it. Typically, female authors tend to be flowery when discussing men and sex drive, while Felicity Keith is more forthright in her approach. Keith says so and doesn’t go, I think it’s a great way to introduce a show like this.

More than ever, I truly appreciate women who are shameless about sex. I think that’s a development these days. Keith makes no apologies for teaching women to be dynamic and charismatic players. For me, that’s what makes Keith’s work so unique.

The Language Of Desire Review: What Does Teach?

The Language Of Desire Review lying-on-bed

The language of lust uses psychosexuality to hypnotize men in and out of their pockets. It’s about developing goddess tactics and unleashing the RIGHT power of women over men.

Here are some erotic tips and techniques included in the show:

Cuddling Hormone Technique

The Cuddle Hormone Technique is certainly not an original idea, in fact, it is science. When people cuddle, oxytocin is released into the body through the pituitary gland. A rush of oxytocin can stop men from cheating on you. It can also make them less interested in other women. 

Time to start scooping ladies!

Mirror Of Lust

I was hoping The Lust Mirror would be a call to action to watch me have sex with my partner, but sadly it wasn’t. Insert satire here. According to Keith, The Lust Mirror “creates a lust feedback loop” between you and your lover, often ending in an explosive climax.


The Madonna Moan

Unfortunately, The Madonna Moan has no connection to the Material Girl who likes to act like a virgin. Instead, it’s a very powerful technique that allows your man to open up to you in the bedroom both physically and emotionally.

Pavlov’s Erection Technique

Can you send a guy wild without touching him? According to Felicity Keith, you can. Who would have thought that a whisper in the ear could do so much? Go picture!

Verbal Viagra

Can words act as a male libido booster? The answer is yes. The language of lust teaches women how to increase men’s desires. The program is worth the investment in this lesson alone.

The Porn Destroyer

A simple phrase can make him turn off the porn and follow you around the bedroom in seconds. 

Erotic Telepathy

Do you want to know your man’s true basic desires? Or just the superficial things he tells you? After performing this technique, you will be able to break through her defenses while approaching each of her sexual fantasies.

Seed Of Desire

Sex isn’t just for men. Women also deserve to have their sexual needs met. The controversial Desire Seed technique teaches women how to get what they want from men. Alleluia!

The Tease Intensifier

The art of teasing is often seen as unimportant. However, knowing how to seduce a man and “raise the temperature” is a very good skill to possess. This part of the program teaches women how to acquire this skill—quickly.

Boiled Frog

Are you one of those women who feel embarrassed or embarrassed about badmouthing a guy? If you answered “yes”, this part of the program has been specially designed for you. Felicity Keith will show you how to take your temperature up a notch without confusing your head with a pillow.

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The Pros Of The Language Of Desire

The Language Of Desire Review Pros and Cons

It Works For Me

I am always skeptical of any program that claims to solve our sexual problems. Mainly because sex is a minefield and extremely complicated. But The Language of Desire was a pleasant surprise. He doesn’t try to be anything he isn’t and his honesty makes a very sexy woman like me feel good. Although my husband and I have always had a pretty solid relationship and our sex life has never been affected, I have learned a lot from this eBook and have successfully applied some of it. technique. 

Easy To Follow

There are a lot of sex and relationship shows on the market that makes a lot of nonsense words, making them difficult to understand. Believe me, I’ve read half a dozen in the last year alone. However, The Language of Desire removes the confusion from the equation. I found it to be a well-presented program with easy-to-read instructions. Felicity Keith narrates the show and uses personal examples throughout, which adds more context to everything she says. 

Scientific Advice

Many of the tips and techniques that Felicity Keith teaches in The Language of Desire are based on scientific research and studied at the psychological level. Keith didn’t just invent this to sell products. She shares biological facts based on proven human psychology.


$47 is not a small change. But for $47, you not only get the full The Language of Desire program but also an additional $290 bonus. That’s what I call value for money.

Money Back Guarantee

Investing our hard-earned cash in a product isn’t too difficult when it comes with a money-back guarantee. Language of Desire comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which essentially means you have two months to try out Language of Desire tips and techniques, and if you’re not satisfied with your purchase after During that time, you will be refunded every penny.


There are several ways to approach the language of desire. You can choose to download it as a PDF file and read it on your e-reader, tablet, smartphone, or computer, or you can download an audiobook version. Unfortunately, there are no hard copies to order. 

The Cons Of The Language Of Desire

I think it’s a great program. But since this is an honest review of The Language of Desire, these are things that could have been done better.

The Language

Considering the program is called The Language of Aspiration, I think the language and writing could be a little less commercial. Natural, realistic writing that connects with the reader often works best.

My opinion only. 

The Show’s Porn Terminator Module

I am a sexually strong, pro-erotic woman. I believe that for every argument against pornography, there will be an equally good argument for it. Porn educates both men and women on how to be creative in the bedroom, it introduces us to different body types, sexual behaviors, sexual orientations, and positions. I don’t really see male pornography as something to be defeated or destroyed.

A man (or woman) need not choose between porn and his partner. You can have both and maintain a healthy relationship. I understand that in this particular case, Felicity Keith is focusing on men who would rather masturbate with porn than spend intimate time with their partners. But instead of taking her away from the computer screen, why not watch porn together? This a serious question for Felicity Keith to consider.

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Does The Language Of Desire Really Work?

In the end, The Language of Desire has lived up to its promise. From that alone, I can confidently say that this book is not a scam at all. All the tips in the book will help you get to know your partner better and approach them with the right words, then they’ll come back to you passionately. If you want a lasting relationship or are looking to revive a stagnant relationship, this book can help kick it off. 

Where Can You Buy The Language Of Desire?

You can purchase The Language Of Desire only from their official website, here for just $47. Additionally, they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning that if you don’t consider The Language Of Desire a work, you can contact the company’s customer service department at “support@” and you can claim a refund. But remember to request a refund within 60 days of purchase. Also, in addition to all of this, if you purchase The Language Of Desire, you will receive 3 special bonus gifts.

  • Silent Seduction – this book will teach you how to seduce a man without using words.
  • Unstoppable trust – this is basically a 90-minute conversation and training between Michael Griswold and Michael Fiore. This bonus gift will help you find the man you want.
  • The Good Girl’s Guide to Dirty Texting – this book will help you with bad texting if you are text shy and don’t know what to do in such situations.

The Language Of Desire Review Pricing

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Final Thoughts About The Language Of Desire

Beyond the perception of some who consider sex advice taboo, Keith’s language of lust is far more widely accepted than criticized. This is a great program for all women. One truth that you will discover is that this program is a proven dating and relationship program for women who have used it. I have no doubt in my mind that it might work the same way for you.

Moreover, it has techniques and tools that are not too complicated to copy and execute. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose if you find the program unhelpful and you’ll get a discount if you act today. So, if you are ready to transform and spice up your romantic life with the bed skills and techniques available…

Frequently Asked Questions About The Language Of Desire

Is there a physical format for the program?

No, the program is completely digital. However, it is available in PDF format, so you can also print it at home.

Are the techniques easy to use? How do I make sure I’m doing it right?

All techniques and methods come with step-by-step instructions, for example, sample messages, if needed, so you know exactly what to do to start using them to your advantage. Each module also ends with a spreadsheet that includes everything.

Is there a discount or promotion to get the program at a cheaper price?

There are currently no discounts or promotions going on as it has been listed as reasonably priced with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What if I have a question or problem with the program?

You can contact the creator of the program on the official website of the program if you have any questions or concerns. 



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