Sqribble Review: Read This Before Buy Sqribble

Sqribble Review – Sqribble eBook Creator Software Scam? Exposed!

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Sqribble Review – Sqribble eBook Creator Software Scam? Exposed!

Sqribble reviews

Sqribble Review: Sqribble is an eBook creation tool that makes it easy to create lead magnets and other eBooks. In this Sqribble review we will cover what you get for the UI, each OTO and its purpose. We will also see how you can make money with it!

The main goal of Sqribble software is to help entrepreneurs and marketers create high-converting books without any design experience. Sqribble makes this easy for anyone who can point and click with a mouse.

Now, let’s dive into the details of this Sqribble review…after all, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

What is Sqribble?

what is Sqribble

It offers a drag-and-drop builder and template-based platform that allows you to create professional-looking ebooks. You might compare it to Canva, but it’s just focused on creating digital books instead of a bunch of graphic design.

While self-published books have a lot of potential, they often fail because they don’t look good at first glance.

Doubt for ki. Would you accept a book that looks like it was made in high school computer design class? No I do not think so.

I understand that as a potential author, you’ll want to be fully involved in the creative process. It can be difficult to share our visions and have them work out exactly the way we want them to, and as a result, I understand how hard that can be.

For this reason, I don’t believe designing a product yourself is a shortcut. It’s great when you’re sure that everything is fine with your child’s brain. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Even though you take pride in your work, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be successful.

It is possible to design your e-books with Sqribble without worrying about failure and stress. You will have access to a wide range of templates and other features that will help you.

Sqribble reviews

How Does Sqribble Work?

As I mentioned earlier in this Sqribble eBook creator review, the software is very easy to use.

Once you’ve obtained your copy of Sqribble, you just need to take a few more steps to turn your vision, knowledge, and ideas into a marketable product:

Click On The Sqribble Ebook Login To Choose A Template

Each template belongs to a different category, such as business, finance, marketing, food, health, art, education, and more.

Choose a template from 50 available options that suit your niche. Please search for templates by keyword or select a category from the drop-down menu.

Then click View to see what your ebook will look like. If you don’t like the layout or style, go back to the template and choose another one.

Add Content To Your eBook

In my opinion, what I’m about to tell you will be the most exciting moment for you in this entire review of the Sqribble eBook creator:

Either way, you don’t need to write your ebook content from scratch.

No, just enter the URL of one of your existing articles to fill your eBook pages with valuable information.

Hey, they call Sqribble an automatic eBook generator for a reason!

That said, if you don’t want to use the previous content, you can create new content from scratch, copy/paste it from anywhere, upload a Word file, or take advantage of the automatic content feature. .

Using the second option means letting the software’s internal engine create high-quality content on your behalf. Yes, using Sqribble will allow you to sit back, relax and watch your business eBook being created without much work.

It’s worth mentioning that Sqribble’s content library will only give you private label articles that you can use for free. No need to link to the original source or credit the author.

Customize Your Ebook

Basically, Sqribble will let you do all sorts of customizations you might need.

For example, you can rearrange text, change font size, change information, and add other elements, such as links, buttons, calls to action, and more. Furthermore, you’ll be able to add brand new pages to the content already in your eBook.

Publish Your eBook

Well, you will have finished creating, customizing, and polishing your eBook at some point.

What happens when you feel your product is ready to go to life?

Hit the Generate My eBook button, and your book will be complete before you empty your cup of coffee.

Next, click on the Publish option and enjoy the rest of your day.

Sqribble eBook Creator Review – The Sqribble Features

Say what you want, but delivering a beautiful, professional eBook will have a huge positive impact on your business.

And that is the goal of the team behind Sqribble.

Did they achieve this goal?

I’d say they do:

After spending a year developing software and investing thousands of dollars in building products, Sqribble can now offer you more than you expected.

Here’s everything you’ll get if you decide to invest in Sqribble:

50 Stunning And Easy To Use Templates

In short, each of the 50 available Sqribble templates is a work of visual art. Their specific formatting options will make your content easy to read.

More importantly, the design of the templates aims to deliver higher conversion rates and better engagement from your audience.

300 Style Layouts

Being able to choose from so many stylish layouts is an opportunity that no other online eBook creator can offer.

Regardless of the nature of your business:

With so many options to choose from, it’s impossible not to find a design that meets even the most sophisticated tastes and preferences.

Niche Categories

At the time of writing this Sqribble eBook creator review, the product comes with over 15 niche categories. All major and most profitable niches have the right templates to connect with your target audience.

Content archives are also available for categories.

Automated Content Engine

One of Sqribble’s most valuable features is its automated content engine.

Undoubtedly, taking advantage of this feature will reduce or completely eliminate your writing efforts.

After all, the software will find and create the content for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. More than 1,000 private label articles from professional writers are available.

Enter a link relevant to your topic and the tool will add original information that you might not even consider right now.

Sqribble reviews

Automated Table Of Content

Another useful feature of Sqribble is the table of contents that the tool automatically generates.

This table of contents will match your e-book theme and enhance the user experience.

Please rewrite, reformat, and rearrange the table as you see fit.

Automatic Page Numbering

There’s not much to say about the automatic pagination option:

We’re talking about a feature that makes your product look professional and saves customers time.

Automatic Headers And Footers

Inserting headers and footers into your eBook is another thing that Sqribble will do on your behalf.

It will make your product look more professional as it will eliminate any gaps.

You can use this feature to add contact information, logo, branding and call to action on every page.

Unlimited Pages

This Sqribble review will never be complete unless I mention the unlimited number of pages feature. It’s basically a feature that allows you to insert a new page at any time.

Use the plus button to add a blank page, content page, or thank you page.

Drag-And-Drop Editor

Just mentioning my unconditional love for Thrive Architect is enough to picture my deep appreciation for drag and drop technology.

Even non-techies can use Sqribble’s drag and drop editor.

Working with it requires no coding skills. Don’t prepare for a long learning curve – the builder will allow you to easily customize page elements.

Flipping Pages Opportunity

When you decide to create an eBook through Sqribble, you ensure that the reader won’t have to scroll to another page.

Instead, they will turn the page.

Moreover, this tool comes with an animation option that will make those who are reading feel like they are turning the pages of a real book.

Wide Selection Of Covers

In addition to everything Sqribble has to offer, you can also take advantage of the tool’s cover selection.

Choosing a stunning cover that will complement the professional look of your eBook is another great opportunity you will have with Sqribble.

Commercial Licensing

Having a copy of Sqribble means you will have access to a commercial license.

In other words, you’ll be able to keep all the revenue you get from selling your eBooks without worrying about breaking editor’s laws.

Sqribble Agency Website

Currently, Sqribble contains a portfolio that you can use to leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

I’m talking about the opportunity to create professional eBooks with instant content in seconds.

Such an e-book would be a highly salable digital product. You choose its theme – social media marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, etc.

You Can Create Other Digital Products With Sqribble

Contrary to popular belief, Sqribble can not only create ebooks but also create other types of digital products.

For example, the program is perfect for anyone who needs white papers or reports.

Sqribble Will Let You Share Your eBook Easily Online

In fact, the platform has a ton of options that you can use to share your eBooks with others.

I mean, the share function will allow you to open your eBook online in seconds, download it, upload it elsewhere, or send it via email.

Sqribble eBook Creator Review: Sqribble Bonuses

Let’s see the rewards you will get for investing in Sqribble, shall we?

Currently, the program offers four rewards to all members:

Free Comercial License: As you can see in the image above, this feature alone costs almost $500. The free commercial license allows you to create an unlimited number of digital products that you can sell to customers as a service. There is no need to pay annual fees or royalties to the team behind Sqribble.

Client Management Dashboard: This tool will allow you to add each new customer to your customer dashboard. Such a tool will help you keep track of your clients and their projects.

Feedback Engine: Access to this feedback tool will allow you to submit designs to clients for approval and receive immediate feedback. Also, it will help you get your payments faster.

Free Agency Website: Earlier in this Sqribble eBook creator review, I mentioned the reseller’s website as a feature. Normally this feature cost $997 but now you get it for free.

Sqribble reviews

Sqribble eBook Creator Review: Sqribble Advantages

It’s a legitimate way to create professional eBooks: The digital products you create through the platform will not violate any copying laws.

Anyone can use the software: Working with Sqribble requires no coding skills or technical experience.

There is no need to install anything: You may remember that the Sqribble eBook creation tool is cloud-based.

Sqribble’s drag-and-drop builder is simple to use: And that makes it perfect for beginners.

You can create eBooks in minutes: Currently, Sqribble is the fastest tool anyone can use to create high-quality eBooks.

No writing has to happen: If you’re not a good writer, you can trust the platform engine to deliver the content on your behalf.

Plenty of tools and features come with Sqribble: For example, you’ll be able to enjoy loads of templates, covers, automation options, and more.

Your eBooks will be mobile-friendly: Every customer can read books on any mobile device.

Sqribble eBook Creator Review: Sqribble Disadvantages

Some of the most valuable features of Sqribble will cost you extra: Today, Sqribble comes with a number of upgrades that you can take advantage of if they are right for your business.

Selling eBooks will not be a profitable strategy for any online business: However, an e-book offering will be suitable for most online businesses.

What Exactly Comes With the Scribble Software?

Sqribble comes with a ton of fun and varied features that appeal to any industry professional with any skill level. The software is both easy to use for individuals and can be easily adapted for small and medium sized marketing companies looking to adopt reliable software.

Some of the software’s features include:

Automatic Creation

Often, writing an e-book can become a tedious process that requires many hours of personal work just to produce acceptable work. However, Sqribble can help you with this problem. Using this software, creators can simply add expert content to their books without having to write anything themselves.

By using the drop-down menu to select a category, an entire document section can be written in pencil. This provides a reliable way for creators and marketers to easily and quickly incorporate public domain expert opinions into their work.

Professional E-Covers and Decoration

Freelancers can struggle financially to find the right cover for their content, research designers, or take the time to create a great cover themselves.

The Sqribble app is full of professional, high-quality images that can be added to an e-book in no time. According to some online research, the most important aspect of an e-book is usually the cover; Most customers won’t interact with unattractive-looking hardware.

Agency Rights

By using the application, customers do not have to rely on external information, software or online resources to secure ownership and agency rights.

In Sqribble, all users need to do is click a button that selects a commercial reseller license that allows them to create and sell their e-book product. Often this can be a tricky aspect of e-book creation for creative beginners – thankfully, Sqribble makes it easy to get licensed for just about any job.

Website Creation

One of the most important aspects of distributing your e-book is the framework around the product used to market it. Using the app’s website builder kit, users can build ready-to-use websites with unique domains tailored specifically for your agency. This way, all kinds of web customers can be attracted to your product.

Training Features

Although Sqribble is easy to learn and master, there is a certain learning curve, especially for those who are not very computer savvy. Fortunately, the software comes with additional complete training and training materials that cover all the important elements of eBook creation.

In the “Sqribble eBook Builder” tab, users can learn everything they could possibly need to know about using the software effectively. This way, creators and freelancers don’t have to waste too much time-solving small problems.

Customizability and Flipbook Capabilities

Many reviewers claim that the Sqribble app is not only easy to use, but customizable to fit your needs. Whatever the task, it’s easier than ever to tweak fonts, colors, page-specific layouts, and themes to create the perfect product. Perfectionists and those who want to produce content quickly can create full-fledged e-book products for customers.

In addition, users can add table of contents, headers, footers, unlimited number of pages, and completely unique design elements to their products. Anyone who has used Windows Office or other software knows how difficult it is to get the perfect layout. Some users have described Sqribble as a tool with “the customization of the layout of PowerPoint and the flexible content of the Office suite”.

The level of customization also allows the creation of flipbooks. In a nutshell, flipbook e-books simply refer to the digital illusion of turning pages. Many users want the real look of handling a book. By clicking a few buttons in the Settings tab, users can really bring their eBook to life and make it appealing to customers.

Client Feedback

You might think this is a minor feature. Rest assured, customer feedback is integrated directly into the Sqribble software. Instead of moving an eBook to another app and asking for feedback via email, many creators choose to receive feedback directly through Sqribble itself. Customers can leave specific “sticky” comments on the page so you can identify and make any necessary changes immediately.

With all the features listed above, it is clear that making changes using Sqribble is easier than ever and beautiful eBooks can be created in minutes. Valuable resources of time, money and effort are saved, representing great financial value over time.

What is the Cost of Sqribble Software?

OK, the product is more than worth, but how much does it cost?

Well, you will be happy to know that the price is more affordable.

At the time of writing this Sqribble eBook creator review, you can get the product for just $67.

I should mention that paying less than $70 will get you the product at a huge discount:

After all, the initial cost of Sqribble is $197.

That said, you should be able to pay less for the one-time program if you use this link and visit the official website. A coupon is waiting for you and will save you more than 20 dollars.

Sqribble reviews

What Exactly does Sqribble Come With?

The Sqribble software comes with a lifetime license, all the features listed above, free bonuses, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for every customer. There are over 50 templates to choose from and 15 niche categories for the most popular eBook content types.

In addition, Sqribble comes with a free commercial license worth more than $500. This allows creators to launch their digital agency and gain access to exclusive writing services. With the license, professionals can create countless ebooks, reports, and white papers to sell to clients.

Amazingly, there are no annual licensing fees or royalties paid to Sqribble, meaning you can charge customers at your rate. Interestingly, this software also comes with a customer management dashboard that allows you to keep an eye on your growing list of clients. You can add, edit, and remove clients you’re done working with.

What are the Downsides of Sqribble?

It’s no secret that Sqribble is a complex yet easy-to-use piece of software, but many people don’t want to shell out for this product if it doesn’t perform to industry standards. Based on numerous user reviews, it can be said that Sqribble is a competent product with much more advantages and features than disadvantages.

However, there are a few downsides that any potential customer should be aware of before purchasing this product.

The biggest downside is that Sqribble has both a free and a paid version. While the free version can be useful for freelancers and creators, it comes with a much smaller subset of useful features than the full paid version.

The free version lacks customer reviews, reseller rights features, and the many complex customization options available in the full software. Users should also be aware that there are many fake versions online that can harm their computer.

Despite this drawback, almost any creator can find something of value in Sqribble. Most other eBook software has a small selection of templates, lacks the necessary tools to customize the content, and can be buggy or unreliable.

What are Customers Saying About Sqribble?

Many freelancers, industry professionals, marketers and mid-sized marketing agencies have leveraged Sqribble software to fulfill their eBook creation needs. No matter the size of your business, Sqribble has no annual fees, fees or royalties, making it the most scalable solution for growing businesses.

“It’s a great tool to use if you’re part of an agency or freelancer, working with clients to create eBooks,” said the director of a marketing agency in North America. professional death. You can easily charge $100 for this service and with Sqribble you can get the job done in much less time than usual.

It’s not just business professionals who love Sqribble. One author, Thomas, said he saw his sales change completely after investing in the software.

Squeezing the last of his savings, he was about to give up hope of working personally on his own schedule to apply for a job at nine to five. However, the Sqribble software allows him to produce many quality eBooks in just a few weeks.

According to Thomas, the work was difficult at first, but he quickly attracted a number of regular clients, who now look to him for all their writing needs. Sqribble has almost completely ended her freelance career.

However, the only downside he mentioned is that Sqribble is a bit difficult to learn at first, although it is well worth the effort.

Sqribble Scam or Legit?

Sqribble is definitely not a scam. The lack of design options and lack of configuration options compared to other solutions like Adobe’s suite are definitely downsides.

However, you will find auto pagination, auto table of contents, auto header and footer, drag and drop interface, 300 different fonts and much more in Sqribble that I have never seen anywhere any other tool.

You should definitely give Sqribble a try if you’re looking for a more accessible and fairly simple platform to create eBooks quickly!

Final  Verdict: Is Sqribble Worth it?

If you’re planning to dive into the world of customer management and eBook creation, Sqribble offers a decent set of tools to help you succeed. Sqribble has sold over tens of thousands of units worldwide. In the words of one author, “you have to use it because it’s the tool you’ll definitely need in business.”

Sqribble reviews

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