BirdDogBot Reviews: Don't Buy Before Read This

BirdDogBot Reviews: Scam or Legit?

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BirdDogBot Reviews: Scam or Legit? Best Real Estate Search Engine

BirdDogBot Reviews

I’m composing this review of BirdDogBot since it spared my ass. In rundown, it made a difference me keep a work with a genuine bequest company. How? Well, I had to make a report on costs in certain ranges of California. I thought I was done, so I submitted it three days prior.

My boss looked at me in disillusionment. In other words, he told me all the data there was futile. So, I had to do it once more. Well, I met a more youthful fellow who told me approximately Fowl Pooch Robot. After giving it some thought, I chosen to induce it, and it gave me the greatest advantage.

Presently, I continuously get exact genuine domain data. Allowed, I do not have the associations that my bosses have. Be that as it may, at whatever point there’s a venture for future venture, I am the one they call to begin with. This piece of computer program is magic. It makes you accept and gives you victory within the genuine bequest world. As the saying goes, “Accept you’ll , and you’re midway there.” 

Let’s face it, finding great bargains in genuine bequest can be a tremendous time-suck. You have got to check out so numerous diverse things to see in case a property is worth contributing in. It would be astonishing in the event that you may fair center on the deals themselves and not squander so much time looking for them, right? Well, that’s where BirdDogBot comes in.

This program claims to assist you spare both time and cash in your genuine domain speculations. Imagine being able to discover, track, and analyze potential ventures in fair a couple of minutes – sounds lovely extraordinary, doesn’t it?

As somebody who’s been within the online commerce world for a whereas presently, I’ve checked on a ton of distinctive programs, program, and indeed MLMs. So, I’m in a great position to allow you the lowdown on BirdDogBot.

Quick Overview of BirdDogBot

  • Product Name: BirdDogBot
  • Website
  • Special OfferGet A Special Offer Here 
  • Overall Rank: 4.6/5
  • Pros: Easy to use; save time on searching for deals; reliable investment ideas
  • Cons: Expensive; limited forecasting capabilities
  • Verdict: A program suitable for anyone who wants to save time and money in researching property investments.

What is the Birddogbot?

BirdDogBot Reviews

BirdDogBot spares time by computerizing and rearranging deal-finding. You’ll discover the finest genuine domain bargains in your showcase right away.

BirdDogBot runs lightning-fast searches of its entire organize of free property posting locales to discover the finest bargains within the advertise. You’ll be able look the stage based on certain venture criteria to discover the finest bargains for your special needs.

Found online at, BirdDogBot has analyzed more than 40 million properties and found more than 1.8 million bargains for individuals.

These are a few illustrations of what BirdDogBot can do for you:

  • Using multiple real estate portals to search for available properties
  • Selecting which websites you want to use to search for properties and which websites you do not want to use
  • Search by any combination of city, state, zip code, bedrooms, and price ranges
  • By specifying your individual search criteria, the system can display only the properties you want and exclude those you do not need to waste your time with.

Who is the creator of BirdDogBot?

BirdDogBot was created by Kosta Apostolou of Toronto. Genuine bequest speculation is his primary intrigued and he claims numerous properties. Other than his self-storage trade and mass texting company, he too possesses a few other businesses.

This serial business person includes a talent for Midas, and he may be a exceptionally deliberate man who does a part of inquire about, which is how BirdDogBot came approximately.

At first, he made a energetic spreadsheet to figure out on the off chance that genuine estate deals were beneficial, but that evolved into BirdDogBot.

How does Birddogbot work?

BirdDogBot is a web stage that lets you look for an boundless number of properties and after that utilize mechanized tools to contract down your look.

BirdDogBot Reviews

With BirdDogBot, you’ll be able effectively set up alarms to get notices for property bargains in your zone. Whether you’re an financial specialist, proficient, or standard domestic buyer, BirdDogBot can assist you discover the leading property bargains that meet your inclinations.

One of the key highlights of BirdDogBot is its capacity to robotize the method of finding bargains in a city, ZIP code, or province. This implies you’ll customize your looks to fit your correct needs.

Another extraordinary include is the distinctive membership levels that BirdDogBot offers. There are different options accessible for fledglings looking to shut their to begin with bargain, small investors, bigger financial specialists, experts, and offices.

When you sign up with BirdDogBot, you’ll pick up get to to an online stage that looks through all open genuine bequest records databases for data on modern property postings. As before long as a modern property posting shows up that meets your criteria, BirdDogBot will send an alarm straight to your inbox.

BirdDogBot Reviews

The higher your subscription level, the more robotized filters you’ll utilize. For example, with the Standard membership, you’ll be able create one search project, allowing you to look for properties in one city, ZIP code, or province. But with higher enrollment levels, you can rummage around for properties in different cities, states, ZIP codes, or districts based on your criteria.

BirdDogBot Pricing

Key Highlights of BirdDogBot

In case you are a genuine domain financial specialist or devotee, BirdDogBot may be a computer program that can assist you computerize the handle of finding properties that meet your criteria. Here are a few of the key highlights of BirdDogBot that can make your life less demanding:

Search by Any Combination of Location and Criteria

BirdDogBot permits you to look for properties by any combination of ZIP code, city, state, or county. You’ll also channel by cost extend, number of rooms, washrooms, posting status, or property sort, among others.

Get Notified of Classified Ads

Or maybe than physically looking through locales like Craigslist each day, BirdDogBot can inform you of exceedingly focused on classified notices as before long as they’re posted.

Automated Real Estate Search Process

BirdDogBot automates the real estate search handle, sparing you time and effort. The program consequently runs looks, analyzes properties, monitors classified advertisements, and sends you email notifications summarizing the results.

Property Listing History

BirdDogBot gives comprehensive data almost the history of a property posting, which can provide you an advantage when arranging bargains.

Monitor and Track Listings Over Time

You can track and monitor changes to different parts of a posting, such as the inquiring cost, advertise esteem, rental pay, and any other relevant information, permitting you to create educated choices around potential ventures.

View All Property Facts on One Page

BirdDogBot presents all the information you wish approximately a property on a single, easy-to-read page, counting showcase esteem gauges, photographs, and listing details. You can moreover make property proformas with fair one click.

Virtual Property Visits

BirdDogBot includes a one-click connect to Google, Bing, and Yahoo Maps, so you’ll be able utilize road see to for all intents and purposes visit properties that intrigued you.

Filter Properties Based on Criteria

BirdDogBot only returns properties that meet the criteria you select. You can filter out properties that do not meet your specific needs, such as homes over a certain cost range, in a specific ZIP code, or with particular comforts.

Default and Customizable Settings

BirdDogBot comes with pre-loaded default settings that allow you to urge started quickly. In any case, you’ll be able customize the program to analyze bargains agreeing to your inclinations, and the program recalls your settings for future looks.

Analyze Deals Automatically

BirdDogBot can bring advertise values, appraise rental income, and analyze each deal, saving you the time and exertion of doing the calculations physically.

Import Properties from Other Sources

If you have a expansive list of properties you need to analyze, you can export them from another framework (like MLS) and import them into BirdDogBot for investigation. The software also permits you to moment information from databases not included in its free sources.

Share deals securely

With BirdDogBot, you’ll be able share bargains with accomplices, speculators, or anybody without stressing about your property data being stolen. You’ll share joins to the finest bargains in your account whereas stowing away particular property subtle elements from others. This highlight permits you to get feedback on a property listing without giving absent all the data.

Lead capture form

The Investor and over tiers of BirdDogBot offer an optional lead capture shape that helps you construct a list of buyers. This way, you can obtain and sell properties rapidly by sending the most excellent bargains to your organize of neighborhood supporters.

BirdDogBot Reviews


One of the finest things around BirdDogBot is that all deals you discover are kept private and not accessible to other clients. This guarantees merely get exclusive access to the most excellent deals in your region.

Access from any device

Get to your BirdDogBot account from any internet-connected gadget. You’ll easily get to your bargains utilizing your tablet, tablet, or smartphone.

Mobile-optimized platform

BirdDogBot’s creators have optimized the stage for mobile users. As long as you have a device with a web browser, you’ll be able utilize BirdDogBot to find the most excellent real bequest bargains.

New features added regularly

BirdDogBot’s group regularly adds modern features to the platform. The primary three subscription levels get get to to most new features, whereas the highest membership level receives access to all modern features. This way, you always have access to the most recent tools to assist you find the leading bargains.

Video tutorials

On the off chance that you require offer assistance utilizing BirdDogBot, the group has made a library of video instructional exercises to direct you. Check out these instructional exercises to get the most out of all stage highlights.

24/7 customer and technical support

BirdDogBot offers 24/7 client and specialized back. In the event that you experience any issues or have questions, you’ll be able reach out to the support team at any time. 

Who is Birddogbot for?

BirdDogBot may be a specialized computer program, and in case you are doing not plan to purchase genuine domain, it isn’t for you. In any case, in case you’re either an existing genuine bequest financial specialist who needs to save time and discover great bargains, or in case you’re fascinated by contributing in genuine estate, BirdDogBot could be a good choice.

On the off chance that you arrange to contribute in numerous properties, you’d superior contribute in BirdDogBot’s premium bundle.

Be that as it may, you’ll be able moreover do most of these looks yourself. At that point you’ll have to be spend all your time looking at computer screens to discover the same data that BirdDogBot creates consequently.

You’ll utilize BirdDogBot like your own genuine estate-specific look motor, but it can be custom-made to your possess venture criteria.

Pros of birddogbot

Easy to Use

One of the finest things approximately BirdDogBot is how simple it is to utilize. It saves you valuable time by killing the have to be filter through tons of online data. With fair a number of clicks, you’ll be able effectively get to a database of potential venture openings.

No Special Skills Required

You do not require any extraordinary aptitudes to utilize BirdDogBot. In case you run into any challenges, there’s a library of guidelines recordings to assist you learn speedier.

Ad-Free Tool

BirdDogBot is an ad-free instrument, which suggests you won’t have to be bargain with the inconvenience of pop-ups or undesirable advertisements. Furthermore, it can be introduced effectively and securely.

Reliable Investment Ideas

BirdDogBot looks, analyzes, and screens online advertisements to supply you with solid speculation thoughts. Not at all like other online property postings which will not be advantageous to your speculation, BirdDogBot is planned to supply you with dependable venture openings.

Cons of BirdDogBot


Specialized program can be expensive, and BirdDogBot is no special case. Whereas it is generally cheap compared to other choices, it can still be costly for a few clients.

Learning Curve

Like several other software, BirdDogBot contains a learning bend. You wish to invest time and effort to get it how it works, and translating the numbers is your obligation.

Monthly Subscription

To get property bargains, you would like to subscribe monthly. While the comes about can be worth it, a few clients may not just like the idea of paying a month to month expense.

Limited Forecasting Capabilities

Whereas BirdDogBot gives coordinate and precise data, it is basic to get it that it as it were recovers information. You will still got to do your homework in deciphering the look comes about. Besides, the program does not offer complete determining capabilities, which may be a dealbreaker for a few clients.

Is BirdDogBot a scam or legit?

BirdDogBot may be a genuine computer program. It’s not a few scrappy program attempting to trick you out of your cash. I get it, there are a ton of tricks out there on the web these days, so it’s vital to be cautious some time recently making any online buys.

In the event that you’re into genuine bequest contributing, at that point you’ll unquestionably need to check out BirdDogBot. Trust me, it’s a game-changer. With fair a few clicks, you’ll get to a ton of important data in seconds. No more wasting 20 or 30 minutes attempting to discover the right data.

The best portion is that the data is presented in a super clear and organized way, so you’ll be able effortlessly analyze it and make informed decisions.

In the event that you are a genuine domain specialist, you should definitely consider giving BirdDogBot a attempt. It can assist you near bargains speedier and indeed develop your trade.

And hello, on the off chance that you’re not beyond any doubt in the event that it’s right for you, the program offers a 60-day money-back ensure. So in the event that you’re not fulfilled, you’ll continuously inquire for a refund.

BirdDogBot Pricing

BirdDogBot Pricing & Membership

BirdDogBot Pricing

BirdDogBot’s got four diverse enrollment levels:

Starter, Standard, Financial specialist, and Professional. And get this, you’ll attempt out all of ’em for a entirety week with fair $7 dollars.

After that, you’ll got to fork over anyplace from $47 to $197 a month, depending on which arrange you select and what highlights you’re after. Let’s take a closer look at what each arrange incorporates.

Starter Plan ($7 for 7 days)

The Starter Arrange is the culminate way to urge started with BirdDogBot. You’ll be able attempt it out for just $7 for seven days, and on the off chance that you choose to adhere to it, the arrange costs fair $47 per month.

With this plan, you’ll get access to 

  • Unlimited daily search and analysis
  • One search project
  • A bulk import quota of 10
  • One classified alert project
  • 10 classified deal filters
  • Most new features
  • 24/7 platform access.

Standard Plan ($47 or $77 per month)

The Standard Arrange is perfect for those who want to require their genuine bequest look to the another level. You’ll be able select between two estimating choices for this arrange: 

$47 per month or $77 per month. Both choices incorporate a $7 trial for seven days.

With the Standard Plan, you’ll get 

  • Unlimited daily search and analysis
  • One or two search projects (depending on the plan you choose)
  • A bulk import quota of 50
  • Two classified alert projects
  • 15 classifieds deal filters
  • Most new features
  • 24/7 platform access

Investor Plan ($97 per month)

The Speculator Arrange is perfect for serious real domain financial specialists who require more power and flexibility.

For $97 per month (with a $7 trial for seven days), you’ll get

  • Unlimited daily search and analysis
  • 10 search projects
  • A bulk import quota of 150
  • 4 classified alert projects
  • 20 classifieds deal filters
  • Most new features
  • Lead capture forms
  • The option to remove BirdDogBot branding
  • 24/7 platform access

Pro Plan ($197 per month)

The Master Plan is the extreme BirdDogBot involvement. For $197 per month (with a $7 trial for seven days), you’ll get

  • Unlimited daily search and analysis
  • 30 search projects
  • A bulk import quota of 300
  • 5 classified alert projects
  • 30 classifieds deal filters
  • All new features
  • Lead capture forms
  • The option to remove BirdDogBot branding
  • 24/7 platform access

Where you can buy Bird Dog Bot?

Bird Dog Bot is available on the official website.

Bird Dog Bot software helps you to become a successful real estate investor. However, if you want to know the top tips to succeed in the real estate world, click here.

Where you can buy Bird Dog Bot


Final Thoughts About BirdDogBot 

BirdDogBot may be a look motor that mechanizes numerous parts of the genuine bequest contributing look prepare. By subscribing to BirdDogBot nowadays, you’ll be able get detailed data approximately properties in particular cities, ZIP codes, and neighborhoods. You’ll be able get a nitty gritty breakdown of the potential esteem of that property, whether or not it’s a great bargain, and the cost history of that property, among other data.

BirdDogBot is planned to assist anybody spare time and cash. Rather than physically searching MLS and other genuine bequest databases and pulling your possess information, you’ll spare time and cash by letting BirdDogBot do it for you.

To memorize more around BirdDogBot and how it works, visit

BirdDogBot Pricing

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